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Red Menace

Dec 29, 2020

Our beloved co-host Alyson is out sick for this month, so Breht takes over at the last minute to read some passages from the new Cli-Fi (Climate Science Fiction) Novel "The Ministry for the Future" and the non-fiction book "The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming" as jumping off points to discuss how Climate Change will play out over the rest of our lives, the geopolitical conflicts and ruptures it will cause, and the place humans have in the evolution of the cosmos. 

After that, we unlock our latest Patreon-only Q and A episode where both Alyson and Breht answer questions from supporters of the show.

As Breht mentions in the introduction, the long-promised Red Menace Introduction to Marxist Political Economy is still coming, it'll just have to wait until Alyson fully recovers! 

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